About Me


My name’s Allie. I’m a twenty-something year old gal living in a fast world just trying to figure out how to slow it down. I’m from the greater Seattle area and work as a graphic designer and teacher. I love the Lord and desire to make His great love known to others.

Ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to live in Southern California. My mom grew up there, and visiting the desert was a treasured part of my childhood. Because of that I went to a university in Southern California when I decided I needed to drip-dry out from the drizzle of the Pacific Northwest. Although I’m no longer living in SoCal, I cherished my time there and it largely shaped who I am today. The Salted Mint stems from my love of both the northern and southern parts of the west coast, and although they may be close in proximity, they are beautifully unique. My style is a crossover and blend of those two worlds, and that’s reflected in many parts of my life.

A few little tidbits about me: Pineapple is my favorite fruit. I can’t get enough of the beach, and it’s where I feel the most beautiful. I’m girly, but I also love hiking and camping. I’m inspired by everything. I collect cameras and memories. I fiercely love my husband and family (including my golden retriever, K). Making people laugh is one of my very favorite things. This list could go on for hours, but there’s no need for that. I’m just thrilled that you’ve come to The Salted Mint, and I truly hope you enjoy it.