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Value Village and Savers sponsored the annual “Runway Reimagined” fashion show at AXIS Pioneer Square this month for Eco Fashion Week in Seattle. The gallery was filled with fabulous people and edgy trends. The show consisted of three designers with the challenge to create clothing lines out of the recycled textiles and pieces from Value Village while remaining within a tight budget (around $500 for the entire line).

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O works for the PR Firm that did publicity for the event. I’m so proud of her and her hard work!


Although the room doesn’t look all that full in this photo, it quickly turned to standing room only. They served hors d’oeuvres and had an open bar. Although AXIS is upscale, it creates beauty from the ordinary and aged – a theme that effortlessly compliments the Runway Reimagined message. It was the perfect venue for the event.

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I loved the intimate atmosphere that encouraged mingling in the audience. I met some great people!


The show started off with Carlie Wong’s evening collection; her challenge was to create this entire line from the rejected clothing at Value Village. It was so interesting to see how she used textiles from very unattractive / groovy pieces and made them edgy and appealing.

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I was a huge fan of how Carlie used the glitter and glam in such a way that wasn’t overpowering, but also added pop.

Alyssa Blanco’s collection came next. She used unwanted clothing from Value Village to create a more casual and somewhat woodsy collection.

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This boho lace dress was my favorite piece out of the collection. It’s a really versatile outfit that could be dressed up or down. In this case, the chambray shirt and cowboy boots made it into a more casual option.


Karla Ortiz designed the last line shown in Runway Reimagined this year. I loooooved this collection because of how Karla used color to really make statement pieces with her recycled textiles. I like to say that this collection came about as if Blair Waldorf and Nancy Drew had a baby – classic but chic.

IMG_5944_web IMG_5952_web IMG_5956_webIMG_5959_web IMG_5961_web

The flower brooches on this fur capelet are so fun! They look as if they’re made from men’s ties.


This jewel-encrusted green velvet dress was my favorite outfit from the entire show. No, I could never wear it or pull it off, but I just love how it complimented the model’s red hair and of course those glasses are just required to go with a dress like this.


Just look at those snake-skin booties!

I’ve always loved thrifting and treasure-hunting at Value Village, so this event was such a fun experience and way to see how things bought from there can be used beautifully and resourcefully. Although these outfits might be a little wild for everyday living, they’re a testament to how recycled materials and thrifted clothing don’t have to be a faux pas in the high-fashion world.

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