Christmas SnowGlobe DIY

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but I’ve just been too busy enjoying the Christmas-spirit explosion that’s happened in my life. Between covering every inch of my house with decor and drinking lots of peppermint-flavored coffees, I have been able to drum up a few different holiday DIY projects; this is one of my favorites. Let’s start off with supplies used in making this fun and festive holiday DIY:


First, I went to the thrift store and found a little glass globe ornament. It doesn’t have a bottom, but that’s where craftiness comes in! I found a little pack of vintage trees at another thrift shop. You can typically find them in green or white, and some even have sparkles or ornaments on them. For the size of my globe, the smallest trees were the best size. I also bought some fake snow (which I had to hand-cut because the flakes were too large…) and some paper with Christmas-esque colors and patterns.


I traced the base of the glass globe onto the paper and cut it out. I actually ended up cutting two and glued them together because the paper wasn’t quite thick enough. I adhered the tree to the center of the circle and let it dry. Letting it dry first before doing anything else is important because you don’t want any snow to stick to the glue.

Once that was dry, I turned my globe upside-down and put in the snow. I ran some glue around the rim of it, and then stuck my paper with the adhered tree on it. I made sure this dried upside-down before turning it, because if not, you’re almost guaranteed to have the snow stick.


And Viola! You have a cute little snow globe. Cheers.

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